Longo Mai Website Redesign Content Writer

Link to Site: http://www.longomaicostarica.org

Date of Completion: January 2020

Project: In January 2020, I traveled with a team to Costa Rica to serve as the Content Writer and Interviewer for a website redesign. In spring 2020, the redesigned site was awarded 1st place in AEJMC’s annual Best of Digital Competition.

An image of the “about” page for the Longo Mai website. I created all the written text for this site and designed the content for English, Spanish, and German users

Description: As part of my graduate program, I participated in a “fly-in project”, where I was part of an eight person team that partnered with an overseas client to create a project for the public good. My team travelled to the eco-tourism community of Longo Mai in Costa Rica, where we spent a few days getting to know all about our client and the community they resided in. Upon returning to Elon, we redesigned Longo Mai’s website in an effort to modernize their existing content and brand them in a way that would attract more North American tourists to come visit their community. Since the majority of Longo Mai’s residents speak Spanish and the organization has European roots, we designed the site for three different languages- English, Spanish, and German.

Responsibilities: I served as the content writer for our team, and I conducted interviews while in Costa Rica. I worked with a Spanish translator to conduct interviews ranging on subjects from history, culture, recreational activities, and ecological preservation. I wrote all of the site’s written content, and worked with our client to make sure the content put out the message they wanted to convey. I wrote three different versions of the site- separate versions for English, Spanish, and German users. I worked with our project manager and designer to determine how elements of the site would need to differ for these different groups, and sent drafts of all three sites to our client for feedback and translation.